Lightyear Leadership (formerly igolu) is a movement dedicated to those committed to the highest good within themselves while supporting the highest good in others.

We advocate integrated health and wellness and recognize everyone needs different things at different times. Sometimes work in one area allows other needs to arise. based on this philosophy, we believe that personal development is in integral part of our lives and we offer igolu as the primary platform.

Lightyear Leadership is a body of innovative communication, vision, goal-setting and leadership training founded on the understanding that people need a vision in order to fully realize and manifest their dreams. Rather than relating to people based on personality, likes and dislikes, achievements and failures, lightyear shows you how to "goal" others based on possibility, accountability and fun. igolu was developed by Susanne Conrad, learn more about Susanne and the igolu movement here.

Currently, Lightyear is led by Crystal Beshears, founder of powered by heart. Crystal has studied directly with Susanne and is an active igolu leader and networks with certified igolu leaders all around the planet. go straight to the source to learn more about igolu. or, if you are ready to engage in level one igolu training for yourself, check out Crystal's upcoming opportunities on or register for her upcoming level one calls here.


Join Crystal for her Winter Calls beginning in February, 2017!